Amy Rose Clyfan is a contemporary painter based in York, England.

She graduated from Cardiff School of Art in 2008 with a BA in Fine Art.

She paints in her attic studio overlooking the river and takes inspiration from aspects of her daily life that excite her. Wild flowers picked from the hedgerow, an antique slipware folk mug from the flea market, freshly-picked pears from her mum’s garden. 

Drawing inspiration from artists including Mary Fedden and Elizabeth Blackadder, Clyfan's paintings have a sense of folk art tradition, tied to the celebration of the everyday object.

Her paintings celebrate her love of pottery and plant life, while maintaining an innocence and naivity.

Her subjects often include daily objects, patterns and natural forms.

Texture, colour and form remain an integral part of her work.

The objects Clyfan paints are taken from her everyday and convey a sense of imtimacy.